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Electrical Services

Modern vehicle electrical systems are interrelated and incredibly complex. While some problems, like a dead battery, are easy to troubleshoot, others aren’t so straightforward. Auto Stop provides a wide range of electrical services to all of our customers, whether you need your wiring checked or a brand-new car battery.

What Does an Electrical System Service Typically Include?

First, your Auto Stop technician will talk with you to see when the problem occurred, what the problem was, and any other relevant information. We will use our diagnostic equipment to check your vehicle’s computer and try to pinpoint any electrical problems. As part of an electrical system service, we will perform:

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of your battery and its case
  • Testing to make sure that your battery delivers enough power
  • Examinations of your electrical cable connections (with adjustments)
  • Additional engine diagnostics, if needed

When Should I Go in for an Electrical System Service?

Batteries don’t last forever, so head to Auto Stop immediately if you notice that:

  • Your car won’t start
  • You turn your key and hear clicking or grinding
  • Dashboard and interior lights don’t illuminate
  • Your headlights dim when idling or driving at low speeds
  • Your engine is stalling
  • Your check engine light turns on
  • Your battery has visible damage or leakage around it (corrosion stains, buildup surrounding the terminal)
  • Your brake lights don’t work, despite swapping the bulbs out
  • Your radio isn’t working
  • Your heating or air conditioning system isn’t properly working

What Could Be the Problem?

Since today’s vehicles are so advanced, electrical issues are typically the reason behind bigger issues with driving or braking. Your car’s electrical system consists of a battery, a starter, and an alternator. The battery provides the electrical current needed to get your car turned on and the engine firing.

The starter is what really gets your engine pumping. Starters do not fail frequently, but if they are not getting the right amount of current (too much or too little), you might need to replace the starter or replace the connections and cables giving it power.

The alternator is what keeps the electrical system going while the engine is on. If you have an alternator problem, your car will be able to start but not stay running for longer periods of time. Common signs of an alternator issue include an erratically-behaving electrical system, a battery that discharges rapidly, and an engine without power.

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