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Why You Should Trust a Local Auto Repair Shop With Your Oil Change

Why You Should Trust a Local Auto Repair Shop With Your Oil Change

Fast oil change chains often advertise their fast service and low prices, but taking your vehicle to a local auto repair shop for your next oil change may actually give you the best value.

Where do you take your car for an oil change? Oil changes are a standard automotive service concern; even the least car-savvy drivers typically follow a routine schedule to refresh their motor oil. Still, while this procedure may be a run-of-the-mill task, drivers should take great care when choosing mechanics to change their oil. Fast oil change shops are known as a convenient option — their snappy names, seemingly straightforward prices, and short wait times are a tempting offer for today’s busy Baltimorean. However, for those looking to prolong the life of their vehicle (and save some money in the long run), going to a reputable auto repair shop for their next oil change is a smart move.

Fast Oil Change Places Aren’t Always a Good Value

Large chain stores that offer fast oil changes often advertise the speed and great value that their customers can expect. However, speed and convenience often come at a price. These big-name service centers are designed to maximize profits, and they often achieve this by upselling customers and cutting corners under the hood. Those super-fast oil changes may not allow enough time for motor oil to drain, leaving dirty old oil inside. Another trick these chains may use is to charge for multi-point inspections and suggest replacing parts like air filters when, in reality, the inspections haven’t been performed, and replacement parts are not needed.

Is an Auto Repair Shop Really Better?

Your small, locally-owned auto repair shop may not have the name recognition or next-to-nothing prices of the big guys, but they have something that national chains can’t replicate: the thorough, honest service that comes from a team of hardworking mechanics with their reputations on the line. While getting an oil change at your local auto repair shop can sometimes cost a fraction more than at a national chain, the result is service that you can trust.

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