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Why Is My Steering Wheel Vibrating?

So you get on the on-ramp and bring your car up to speed when all of a sudden, the steering wheel starts vibrating. If you decrease your speed the vibration lessens, but if you increase again it intensifies. A vibrating or shaking steering wheel could be a sign of several different problems with your vehicle, but it’s not one you should overlook. You have less control over a vibrating steering wheel, and the more severe the vibration, the less ability you’ll have to react quickly when you need to. Here are some reasons why your car’s steering wheel might be vibrating.


Bad Vibrations


  • Wheel balance – Off balance wheels can cause vibrations, but are also a quick and easy fix at your local Baltimore auto repair shop.
  • Shock absorbers, struts, and upper strut bearings – If your shock absorbers or struts are worn out, your vehicle may ride unevenly, and vibrate.
  • Ball joints – Your ball joints are critical in regulating your suspension; keeping it tight but still allowing for movement. Worn ball joints equal vibrations.
  • Tie rod ends – These connect the steering rack to the wheels and ensure both wheels move in the same direction. If they are malfunctioning, the wheels may be trying to move in different directions, causing vibrations.


steering wheel vibrations


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