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Why is My Heater Blowing Out Cold Air?

Whether we like it or not, winter is still with us for the next 6 weeks, and it looks like the cold temperatures will be around for at least as long. At least you’ve got a nice warm car for the morning commute right? Not if your heat’s broken. If your heater is blowing out cold air, something is definitely not right. Unfortunately the cause of this problem could come from any number of sources, so we’ll touch on a few of the more common ones in this blog.


Why is My Heater Blowing Out Cold Air?

First of all, it’s good to understand how your heater works in the first place. Your engine generates a lot of heat. The heater works by circulating a coolant through the engine which collects this heat. The coolant gets hot, and then passes through a radiator located near the passenger compartment. Fans blow air across the radiator and transfer the heat from the coolant into the passenger compartment, and just like that you’re warm. Now, lets talk about some of the reasons the heat might not be working.

Low Coolant

If the coolant levels are low, the system might not pick up enough heat to heat up the interior compartment. You can use a coolant pressure test kit to check if the cooling system has any leaks.

Clogged/Leaky Heater Core

The heater core can leak or get clogged, which impairs the heaters ability to function. To check if the heater core is clogged, feel the two heater hoses that connect to the heater core tubes, located at the firewall. If one is cold, there may be a clog. If the heater core is leaking, this results in low coolant. If you’re not the first owner of the vehicle, the previous owner may have dealt with the leaky heater core by connecting the hoses to bypass it altogether, which is a quicker fix than fixing the leak at the source. However, in bypassing the heater core, you prevent it from heating.

Trapped Air

If air gets trapped in the system, the heater will blow out cold air. Most newer vehicles route the lines in the cooling system to bleed air out automatically, but in older vehicles trapped air can be a problem.


So what do you do if your heater is blowing out cold air? Come to Auto Stop! We’ll fix your car’s heater in Baltimore and send you on your way warm and toasty.


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