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Why is My Car Vibrating?

Are bad vibrations causing your vehicle to shake rattle and roll? Strange vibrations are never a good sign, and could be the result of any number of issues with your vehicle. In this blog, we’ll talk about the most common reasons your car may be vibrating, and how to determine which it might be.

Why is My Car Vibrating?



A highly likely culprit is a problem with the tires. The tires may be improperly balanced, might have uneven wear, separated tread, or roll unevenly. If the car vibrates at certain speeds, you might just need to have the tires balanced. If the tires have uneven wear or separated tread, then they’ll have to be replaced.


Another reason your car may be vibrating is because of a problem with the wheels. It’s possible that the alignment is out, especially in winter when potholes are all over the place. It could also be a problem with the wheel itself. Wheel bearings, tie-rods, or joints may have worn out if the car is old and has been subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

Bad Brakes

If you feel the vibrations strongly when you’re braking, the brakes are most likely the problem. The rotor may have become out of shape, which means the calipers and brake pads can get an even grip on the rotor when you apply the brakes. This would make a distinct vibration. In this case, you may need to get your brakes repaired or replaced.

Bad Axle

A bent axle is not as common as the problems we talked about above, but it’s not impossible. If you got in a collision, the axle may have become bent out of shape. This would cause a vibration that becomes strong the faster you go. Bad constant velocity (CV) joints or a bent driveshaft could also be the cause of the vibration. All of these will need to be diagnosed by a professional mechanic in Baltimore.

Engine Problems

There are lots of engine problems that could be causing your car to vibrate. The engine might not be getting enough air due to a dirty air filter, or you might be close to running out of fuel. The spark plugs may need to be replaced. If the car starts to vibrate during acceleration, at certain speeds, or only begins to shake after you’ve driven it for awhile, these could all be the result of engine problems.

If you’re experiencing vibrations in your vehicle, bring it to your local Baltimore auto repair shop, Auto Stop! We’ll diagnose and fix the problem at the source so you can get back to that smooth ride you know and love.


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