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Why Is My Car Shaking?

If you feel your car jumping, shaking, or vibrating, it could be caused by several different problems, depending on when the shaking occurs. In this blog, we’ll cover the various reasons your car might be jumping, and what you should do about it.


Car Shakes While Braking

If you consistently feel a vibration when you apply the brakes while driving, it’s most likely a result of a warped brake disc. Doing lots of heavy braking over a long period of time creates heat, which can warp the disc. When you brake, the brake pad rubs unevenly against the disc, causing the steering wheel to shake. In the long term, this could lead to brake failure, which is why it’s important to see your Baltimore auto mechanic to get your brakes checked out.

Car Shakes at High Speeds

The most likely culprit here is that one of your wheels is out of balance. This happens from long periods of driving on rough roads, and fortunately, it’s a quick and relatively inexpensive fix. Jumping at high speeds might also be caused by improper inflation of the tires, or a bent rim from hitting a pothole. If none of these are to blame, suspension problems such as worn out ball joints, shocks, or struts, may also be causing the car to shake at high speeds.

Car Shakes While Accelerating

If your car shakes while accelerating, it could be any one of the reasons that your car would shake while cruising at a high speed. It could also be caused by an engine problem. The engine might not be getting enough air as a result of a dirty air filter, or the spark plug wires could be bad. A clogged fuel filter may be preventing enough fuel from getting to the engine. Your Baltimore mechanic can diagnose and fix the problem, whatever it may be.


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