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Why Does My Car Need Tire Alignment?

Why Does My Car Need Tire Alignment?

In this week’s blog, we explore some signs that you need tire alignment as well as some consequences of neglecting your alignment.

If you have ever hit a pothole or curb, then you have experienced an incident that can affect your car’s tire alignment. Your tire alignment is responsible for all of your car’s wheels going straight when they should, and poor alignment can cause severe issues with your vehicle’s handling and the lifespan of your tires. In this week’s blog, we explore some signs that you need tire alignment as well as some consequences of neglecting your alignment.

What is Tire Alignment?

The alignment of your car’s tires refers to the orientation of your tires relative to each other and your vehicle’s suspension system. In reality, adjusting alignment has more to do with your suspension than the wheels themselves. The numerous components that make up your suspension system have the ability to shift or become damaged, leading to poor alignment.

Consequences of Bad Tire Alignment

If you go too long without tire alignment services, your wheels can become incredibly misaligned. This causes poor handling and pulling while driving as well as uneven wear on your tires over time. You can experience difficulty both turning and driving straight. If left untreated, poor tire alignment can actually cause a tire blowout. To avoid this, trust the team at Auto Stop Limited Inc. with your vehicle’s tire alignment.

Signs That You Need Tire Alignment

We know that having poor tire alignment is bad, but what should car owners watch out for? First, look for uneven wear on your tires. This is particularly evident during tire rotation, but you should keep an eye out for odd and inconsistent wear patterns between services. Secondly, a car with poor alignment will often have a tough time driving straight. If you can steer your vehicle straight ahead and keep that course without adjusting your steering wheel, you likely do not have to worry about your alignment. However, if your car is pulling to one side while you drive, you probably need a tire alignment.

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