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When, Why, and How to Get a Car Tune-Up

When, Why, and How to Get a Car Tune-Up

In this blog, we explore the basics of the car tune-up: when you should get it, why your car needs it, and how it can be performed.

While most people associate tune-ups with old-school jalopies, a car tune-up should be on every driver’s radar. This essential maintenance service has a slightly different meaning now than it has had in years past, but it is still a crucial part of any preventative maintenance routine. In this blog, we explore the basics of the car tune-up: when you should get it, why your car needs it, and how it can be performed.

When: Signs That It’s Time for a Car Tune-Up

As a part of your scheduled maintenance routine, a car tune-up should be performed according to your manufacturer or professional mechanic’s recommendations. Still, there are some instances in which a tune-up is more immediately necessary. If your vehicle is suddenly exhibiting sluggish acceleration, poor fuel economy, or unusual driveability problems, you should bring it in for service. An illuminated check engine light can also be a cause for concern. These problems may result from issues with your car’s spark plugs, ignition wires, or other critical components. Your trusted auto mechanic can diagnose any issues, perform a tune-up, and complete any necessary repairs to get your vehicle up to spec.

How a Modern Tune-Up Works and Why Your Car Needs One

Tune-ups have historically been used to repair and recalibrate carburetors, which most modern cars have eschewed in favor of more advanced fuel injection systems. Still, the modern car tune-up involves maintaining, inspecting, and repairing things like spark plugs, air filters, ignition wires, and various sensors. Without routine maintenance, many of these essential components can become dirty or damaged or otherwise fail. This can lead to poor fuel economy, problems starting or accelerating your vehicle, or damage to various parts. Most auto manufacturers have clear guidelines for when to get your vehicle serviced, and these guidelines are often based on the car’s mileage. However, some drivers may find that more frequent tune-ups are necessary to prevent malfunctioning spark plugs or clogged air filters and sensors.

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