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What’s the Purpose of a Tire Rotation?

Rotating your tires is a simple procedure that extends the lifespan of your tires and maintains the stability of your car. The process of tire rotation involves removing all four tires and rotating them one spot counterclockwise. For example, the right front tire becomes the left front tire, the left front tire becomes the right rear tire, and so on.


The Concept

The weight of a car is not distributed evenly to all four corners. The heaviest part is wherever the engine is which is usually in the front. This results in the front tires wearing down more quickly than the back tires. Braking also causes the front tires to wear down, as the weight shifts to the front of the vehicle.

The Issue

Several problems can arise when tires aren’t rotated. The performance of the suspension can be negatively affected in areas where tires are worn down. This can complicate issues with steering and braking because the different areas of the car are not in sync with one another. Tire pressure can also decrease, causing stability issues.

The Solution

The owner’s manual of the car should tell you how often you will need to rotate your tire to ensure equal tire wear. A ball park estimate is to rotate your tires every other time you change your oil.


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