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What’s the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Getting an oil change? Your two options are either synthetic or conventional oil. You probably know that synthetic oil is generally more expensive than conventional oil, but do you know why? Read on to find out.


Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is basically conventional oil that’s been modified to improve its characteristics. Some of the advantages synthetic oil has over conventional oil include:

Better Lubrication

Synthetic oils lubricate better and for longer than conventional oils, which decreases the wear on your engine over time. Their increased lubrication performance also means they stick to engine parts better, which protects the engine from a dry start. A dry start happens when you haven’t turned on your car for a long time. During this time, conventional oil would settle to the bottom of the engine, therefore exposing the engine parts at the top and leaving them with no lubrication. Synthetic oil will stick to these parts and keep them lubricated.

Better Performance at High Temperatures

Synthetic oils perform better at high engine temperatures. This resistance to high temperatures means synthetic oils don’t break down as quickly as conventional oils and therefore don’t need to be change as frequently. In addition, synthetic oils don’t leave deposits on the engine as they break down, as conventional oils do.


While synthetic oil has a number of advantages over conventional oil, it’s not a necessity for your engine. Conventional oil lubricates your engine very well. As long as you change your oil at the recommended interval, you should be fine.


synthetic vs conventional oil



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