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What Your Check Engine Light Might Mean

It’s always a little bit scary when a dashboard light goes on. Your check engine light can mean a variety of things and unfortunately it can only be properly diagnosed by a trip to your Baltimore mechanic. However, there are some common tricks and tips that can help you identify why your check engine light has decided to light up. Learn more about what it might mean and what you can do in this week’s blog.


Your check engine light could mean a number of things.

What Your Check Engine Light Might Mean

Your check engine light is a component of the onboard diagnostics (OBD) system in your vehicle. This system is controlled by a computer which monitors your car’s performance and regulates your fuel mixture, engine speed, and ignition timing.

In the case that the OBD system encounters a problem that it cannot adjust automatically then it will illuminate your yellow warning light and will input the the trouble code into its memory. This code, referred to as the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) allows your mechanic to identify the source of the problem.

If your engine trouble is a non-emergency then the check engine light will illuminate and then stay on constantly. You will need to take your car in to your trusted Baltimore mechanic to connect to your OBD system in order to determine the DTC which will allow him to pinpoint the problem and make recommendations to fix it. Sometimes the light is triggered by something as simple as not properly tightening your gas cap, so try that before panicking. If this does not fix the problem then it is important to take your car in for service as quickly as you can after the light goes on.

If your check engine light is blinking, it indicates an emergency situation and you should pull over immediately. Generally speaking, a blinking check engine light means that your engine has experienced a severe misfire which means that unburned fuel will be released into your exhaust system. This can quickly cause catastrophic damage which could cost thousands to repair.

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