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What You Need to Know About Automotive Recalls

The recent news that Volkswagon installed special equipment into some of their diesel cars, trucks, and SUVs in order to cheat emissions tests has shaken up the world. Unfortunately, VW isn’t the only major automotive retailer who has come under scrutiny this year for selling a product that’s not up to snuff. Learn about the automotive recalls you need to know about from this year.


There have been a wave of automotive recalls lately.

What You Need to Know About Automotive Recalls

Volkswagon diesel vehicles

The Volkswagon emissions scandal is by far the biggest recall scandal to rock the world in decades. The recall is estimated to effect around 480,000 vehicles in the US that were manufactured in 2008 or later. A number of Audi and Porsche models are also being recalled. You can find out whether your vehicle is impacted by entering your VIN here. If your vehicle is affected, your car is still safe to drive but will need to be outfitted with a software update to ensure proper emissions testing moving forward. Details of the recall have not yet been finalized.


Takata airbags

Another huge recall impacted the US earlier this year when Takata airbags were found to be defective. These airbags are found in roughly 34 million cars throughout the United States. The problem with the airbag involves a defect that can cause the airbags to accidentally deploy or do so improperly during a crash, potentially causing metal fragments to be shot at the occupants of the vehicle. The defect was initially discovered in April of 2013 but this past June it was realized that the problem effected far more vehicles than was initially estimated. To compound the problem, another recall was issued on October 20th which added even more vehicle manufacturers to the list. You can find out whether your car is effected here.



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