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What Kinds of Car Fluids Do I Need?

When we talk about car fluids, most people immediately think about motor oil. If they really think about it, they might also list windshield washer fluid too, but that’s where most people’s knowledge of car fluids ends. There are actually a number of fluids that your car needs to function properly and it’s important to understand each of them so that your car continues to work correctly. Learn more about the car fluids you need to know in today’s blog, below.

car fluids

Do you know the different types of car fluids?

What Kinds of Car Fluids Do I Need?

Motor oil

The number one car fluid that most people are aware of is motor oil, Most car owners know about how important it is to ensure that your motor oil is topped off. Motor oil is crucial because it keeps the parts in your engine lubricated and prevents your engine from overheating. When too much friction is caused due to a lack of motor oil, your car will overheat. It also helps prevent rust and keeps dirt and debris out of your engine by trapping them in the oil filter.


Antifreeze does exactly what its name implies and helps ensure that the water in your radiator doesn’t freeze in cold temperatures.

Windshield washer fluid

Every time you go to rinse your windshield using your wiper fluid, the levels go down and it’s up to you to keep it filled enough so that you can see in bad weather. Washer fluid contains special chemicals to cut through dirt and grime so please do not try to make your own fluid from soap and water.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is basically the same as motor oil except that it performs the same jobs for your transmission rather than your engine.


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