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What is Wheel Alignment Service?

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

This blog discusses some of the basics and benefits of wheel alignment service for your Baltimore car.

When many drivers think of the most essential parts of their vehicles, they think of the engine, transmission, or brakes. While it’s true that a car can’t function without any of these systems, your vehicle’s wheels are also of grave importance. Wheels must interact seamlessly with the rest of a car’s steering and brake systems, and one slight malfunction can lead to poor handling or a loss of control. Wheel alignment service should be a part of any car’s preventative maintenance schedule, and drivers should familiarize themselves with this crucial service. This blog discusses some of the basics and benefits of wheel alignment service for your Baltimore car.

Basics of Wheel Alignment Service

“Wheel alignment” refers to the relative position of your car’s wheels. Some specific driving styles, tires, or vehicles may require particular camber, caster, and toe angles. However, drivers generally want to see their wheels parallel to each other and able to roll straight ahead. Wheels can experience poor alignment after bumping a curb, getting involved in an accident, or hitting a pothole. A mechanic performing wheel alignment service corrects misalignment by assessing the current alignment, inspecting the suspension system for defects or worn parts, and making any necessary adjustments to restore good alignment. Your mechanic may combine wheel alignment service with related tasks like tire rebalancing and rotation.

Why You Need Wheel Alignment Service

When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, you can experience a vast range of symptoms. Some drivers report decreased fuel economy and accelerated tire wear. Poor alignment can also cause safety issues in the form of reduced grip and poor handling. Another concern is the impact of poor alignment on related systems: steering and suspension systems can experience greater stress and strain when working with poorly aligned wheels. This can lead to costly steering and suspension issues that require repair.

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