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What is the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

Summer is here, which means one thing: summer vacation! Families everywhere are beginning to pack their suitcases, gather their families, and head out on the open road. The destinations may be different, ranging from the beach to Disney World to the camp grounds, but one thing remains consistent; every car needs gas to get you where you need to go. But what kind of gas should you use to fill up: regular or premium?

What is the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas

What is the difference between regular and premium gas?

The primary difference between different grades of gasoline is the differing octane ratings. Regular gasoline has the lowest octane rating, while premium has the highest.

What octane rating does my car need?

With certain cars, you may be required to use premium gasoline. Different engines require different octane ratings. There should be a sticker on your gas tank indicating the minimum octane rating your manufacturer recommends. Your car will run best when you use the grade of gasoline recommended by the manufacturer. If you use a gasoline with a lower octane rating than the manufacturer recommendation, you will lose performance.

Will using a higher level of gasoline improve performance?

Contrary to popular belief, using a higher grade gasoline will not give you any additional performance or better fuel economy.

What do I do if I hear a knocking noise coming from the engine?

If you hear any abnormal noise coming from your engine, take it very seriously and get your car to Auto Stop Limited right away! We promise to diagnose your auto repair problems in an honest and professional manner. And all of our work is 100% guaranteed!

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