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What Does that Smoke Mean?


The color of smoke emitting from your car can tell you a lot about what’s wrong with your car.

Sometimes cars can emit a smoke and it can be very scary. However, it should be noted that not all smoke is going to be at the same level of threat for you and your vehicle. Today we’re going to be talking about the different kinds of smoke that could be emitted from your car’s tailpipe and what they all mean for you! Let’s take a look.

White smoke could be harmless, but it could also be dangerous.

A little white smoke usually doesn’t mean much of anything. As long as its white and thin, there’s nothing to worry about and you can keep driving. However, if the thickness or volume increases, then you may have some trouble on your hands. Thick, billowing emissions could mean that your engine is overheating, you could have a blown head gasket, or you might have a cracked engine block. All of these are very serious issues that require the examination of a professional.

Blue smoke indicates that oil is burning.

Oil in your car burns blue, so if you see bluish smoke then you know that there is oil involved. Oil could have leaked into the combustion chamber, which could be potentially dangerous for you. Stop the car and call for a tow truck if you see blue smoke.

Black smoke is definitely not a good thing.

Black smoke indicates that the engine is burning too much fuel. This phenomenon is also known as running rich. If you notice an abundance of black emission, you should make your way to us so that we can take a look at your fuel injectors, fuel return line, and fuel pressure regulator. You might have a big problem on your hands.

The bottom line is that smoke is usually a bad thing.

When the emissions coming out of your car are anything other than thin and white, you need to stop and check for further trouble. Address the problem quickly to cut down on the long-term damages that could be present in your vehicle.

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