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What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

check engine light

Here are a few different car problems that could be the cause of your check engine light turning on or blinking.

Even the most experienced motorists can panic when their check engine light turns on. Part of what makes a lit check engine light so terrifying is the fact that it can indicate many different issues, some of which are extremely expensive to fix. So what does your illuminated check engine light mean? Here are a few different car problems that could be the cause of your check engine light turning on or blinking.

A Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor works with your car’s computer to determine the fuel-to-air ratio of your engine, and this data is used by your car’s fuel injection system. This system allows your engine to work efficiently. When your oxygen sensor (sometimes called an “O2 sensor”) malfunctions, your engine can use much too much fuel. If you do not repair this sensor, your gas mileage can suffer drastically.

A Loose or Missing Gas Cap

When your check engine light comes on, a loose or missing gas cap is one of the simplest and most inexpensive issues to fix. If you notice your check engine light is on, take a look at your gas cap. If your gas cap is on and tightened but your check engine light is still on, bring your car to the experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc. for diagnostics and repair.

Catalytic Converter Failure

While missing gas caps represent one of the cheapest issues that your check engine light can indicate, catalytic converter failure is by far the most expensive. Your car’s catalytic converter changes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide to reduce the harmful pollutants that your automobile releases into the atmosphere. One of the reasons that catalytic converter problems are so expensive is because they are often accompanied by other issues with your car’s spark plugs, ignition coils, or other components.

Blinking Check Engine Light

You should take your check engine light seriously whenever it illuminates, but this is especially true if your light is blinking. A blinking check engine light can indicate a catastrophic malfunction in your car’s engine, fuel system, or ignition system. If the light is blinking, you should have your vehicle repaired immediately. The professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc. will assess and repair your vehicle quickly while providing quality customer service.

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