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What are Tier 1 and Tier 2 Gasoline?

You may have heard of tier 1 and tier 2 gasoline, but there’s also a good chance you haven’t. But even if you aren’t familiar with the terms tier 1 and tier 2, you may know them in another way. You may have seen gas retailers advertise their product as being fortified with additives that help clean your engine and remove deposits. This is tier 1 gasoline. Tier 2 gasoline is the kind of gas you would find at your local, non-name brand retailer. You can find a list of tier 1 gasoline retailers here, but in general it includes most gas retailers which are national chains.

The question is, is tier 1 gas really better than tier 2 gas? And does your engine perform worse with tier 2 gas than it does with tier 1? The answers, while not definitive, suggest that it doesn’t make a difference whether you get your gas at a local chain or a national chain. According to Edmunds, “Because of the advances in engine technology, a car’s onboard computer is able to adjust for the inevitable variations in fuel, so most drivers won’t notice a drop off in performance between different brands of fuel, from the most additive-rich gas sold by the major brands to the bare-bones stuff at your corner quickie mart.”

Despite the claims from several oil companies that tier 1 gas improves the performance of the engine, several tests have shown that whether an engine runs on tier 1 or tier 2 gas, the results are the same. It seems in the end that gas is gas is gas.

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