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Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble (Part 1)

There are so many noises and smells coming from your car it’s overwhelming. What do they all mean? Is that noise coming from the engine, the undercarriage, the brakes, or the transmission? It is often difficult for auto repair novices to diagnose their specific issue(s). Luckily, the auto repair experts at Auto Stop Limited have outlined several of the most common Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble.

  1. Your Car refuses to go into Gear: When you let go of the clutch, does your transmission refuse to budge and go into gear? This could be caused by several issues, including low transmission fluid, wrong viscosity of transmission fluid, or required adjusting of the shift cables or clutch linkage.
  2. What is that Burning Smell? It could be your transmission fluid, which may indicate that your transmission is overheating.
  3. Why is there a Noise when I’m in Neutral? Guess what? That noise is probably coming from your transmission. This noise could be caused by anything from transmission fluid to a worn reverse idler gear or worn bearings.
  4. Uh Oh! The Gears are slipping! If your car spontaneously slips out of gear while you are driving, the culprit could be…you guessed it, your transmission. This is a serious issue and should not be ignored.
  5. The Dreaded Dragging Clutch: A dragging clutch is one that fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the driver pushes in the clutch pedal. The result: an unnerving grinding noise every time you attempt to shift.

If you notice any of the above issues, take your car to Auto Stop Limited, your local, Baltimore auto repair shop!

Baltimore Transmission Repair & Replacement

At Auto Stop Limited, we specialize in transmission repair and replacement for both cars and trucks. We provide complete transmission services for old and/or damaged transmissions at an affordable price to get your car or truck back up and running. We also specialize in:

  1. Transmission Maintenance
  2. Transmission Repair and Installation
  3. Transmission Replacement
  4. Rebuilt Transmissions
  5. Tune Ups
  6. Diagnostics
  7. And more!

You won’t find a better level of auto repair anywhere in the Baltimore – Metro area!

If you have any questions, please contact Auto Stop by calling 410-467-7600 or visit AutoStopLTD.com today! You can also follow Auto Stop on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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