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Transmission Repair vs. Replacement

Transmission Repair vs. Replacement

Read on to learn the difference between transmission repair and transmission replacement, and consult the experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc. to see which option is right for you.

Your car’s transmission is the part that allows your engine to run at different speeds, and it is an essential part of your vehicle. When issues arise, drivers often find that transmission repair can quickly become expensive. While working with a trusted mechanic is always important, it is particularly crucial when you are dealing with transmission repair. Determining the precise problem with your transmission can make the difference between repairing and replacing your unit, potentially costing you thousands of dollars for replacement parts. Read on to learn the difference between transmission repair and transmission replacement, and consult the experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc. to see which option is right for you.

Transmission Repair: Perfect for Small Problems

Although a properly-running transmission is essential for the health of your car, you may not have to rush to replace it right away. Some small problems can be solved with a simple transmission repair. During repair, your mechanic will replace as few parts of your transmission as possible to get your car running smoothly. It is important to note that because transmission problems escalate quickly, it is not uncommon for transmission repair to be insufficient for restoring your vehicle to working order. Driving with a failing transmission can cause further damage that necessitates transmission replacement. However, if you have merely run into a small issue that has been caught in its early stages, your mechanic may suggest transmission repair.

Transmission Replacement: Necessary for Severe Issues

Transmission replacement entails replacing all parts of your transmission. As long as your replacement transmission is functioning well, this should fix your vehicle. There are a few different types of transmission replacements available, and these include new, remanufactured, and used transmissions. New and remanufactured transmissions often come with warranties; however, they can be a bit pricey. Used transmissions are a more economical option, but they can be unreliable unless you have a trusted mechanic inspect them beforehand. If you are not sure whether your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced, call the professional mechanics at Auto Stop Limited Inc. today.

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