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Transmission Repair Baltimore: The Secret to a Healthy Transmission

The transmission: it is one of the most complicated systems in a car or truck. However, transmission maintenance is anything but complicated. So do you want to know the Secret to a Healthy Transmission? Easy! The secret to a healthy transmission is regular, preventative maintenance.

  1. Warm UP: You do not hop on a football field and start sprinting around. Of course not. First, you stretch and warm up. So why would you treat your car or truck any different. Let it warm up a little before you push your car or truck to the max, especially on cold days. When the temperature drops, it causes you transmission fluid to thicken. By allowing your car or truck to warm up, you allow the transmission fluid and sludge to think and thus better protect your transmission.
  2. Transmission Fluid: You should have your transmission fluid checked at least twice a year. Transmission fluid plays a key role in your car’s ability to shift gears.
  3. Professional Maintenance: Take your car to your local, Baltimore auto repair shop for routine maintenance. This will ensure your car or truck is running properly. Your mechanic will look over your entire vehicle, including your transmission.
  4. Transmission Repair Baltimore: If you notice a problem with your transmission, bring your car or truck to Auto Stop Limited, your Baltimore auto repair shop. We specialize in transmission repair and replacement for both cars and trucks in Maryland, providing complete transmission services at an affordable price. Best of all, all of our work 100% guaranteed!

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