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Tire Rotation for Your Ford Explorer

Tire Rotation for Your Ford Explorer

Tire rotation is a vital preventative maintenance task for any vehicle, and your Ford Explorer is no exception.

Do you drive a Ford Explorer or other SUV? Sport utility vehicles are popular for families throughout Maryland, particularly those who are active and enjoy spending time outdoors. A reliable car is an incredible asset for camping, kayaking, or driving the kids around town, but poorly-maintained tires can put you in a bind. Uneven wear or worn-down tire tread can cause handling and safety issues, so routine maintenance is a must. Tire rotation is a vital preventative maintenance task for any vehicle, but it is particularly crucial if you drive a Ford Explorer.

Why Your Ford Explorer Needs Tire Rotation

If you trust your Ford Explorer to carry your family through icy weather and harsh road conditions, you must follow a complete maintenance schedule. Tire rotation involves moving tires from one wheel to another. This is done to boost traction and mitigate the effects of uneven wear. The type of tires you have, your driving habits, and even the local weather can influence how the rubber on your tires wears down, and uneven wear or bald tires can reduce traction, decrease your gas mileage, and worsen your Ford Explorer’s handling. On the flip side, sticking to a routine tire rotation schedule can help extend the life of your tires, improve your vehicle’s handling and performance, and boost safety.

Directional Vs. Non-Directional Tires

The tire rotation pattern that your mechanic uses for your vehicle will depend on whether you have directional or non-directional tires, among a few other things. Directional tires have a tread pattern that must be put in a specific way, either on your vehicle’s left or right side. These tires are ideal for wet and snowy conditions, but your auto maintenance professional must be sure to rotate them correctly to preserve their function. Non-directional tires can be rotated to take any position on your vehicle, so there are more rotation patterns that your mechanic can use. No matter what type of tires you have on your Ford Explorer, visit the team at Auto Stop Limited for tire rotation and other preventative maintenance services.

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