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Tips for Protecting Your Car from Salt

With the snow this week, the roads are covered with salt, and your car probably is too. Salt is great for making the roads safe to drive on, but it’s bad for your car. Over time salt can have a corrosive effect which can damage your car’s finish and lead to rusting. Protect your car from salt with these tips below.

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Salt


Wash Your Car

The best thing to do is to wash your car regularly during the winter. Here are a few tips for optimal washign.

  • Try to wash the vehicle every 10 days.
  • Wash during the day so that the car has time to dry before freezing temperatures come at night. The last thing you want is to be frozen out of your car.
  • Another good way to prevent freezing is by opening and closing the doors, trunk, and gas tank several times after you wash the car.
  • Wash on days when the temperature gets above 40 degrees.
  • Make sure you wash the underside of the car. Salt buildup can do a lot of damage here. The best thing to do is seal the undercarriage before the winter begins, but if you didn’t, just try to wash it regularly.
  • If you go to a car wash, make sure it doesn’t use recycled water. This is because the recycled water will contain salt from other vehicles that have gone through the car wash, so you’ll just be replacing salt with more salt.

Driving Tips

  • Try to avoid driving through puddles of melted snow. The splash will throw salty water all over the undercarriage.
  • The same goes for deep snow. The snow can get packed up in the undercarriage and cause corrosion and other problems like inhibiting airflow or reducing braking action.

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