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Tips for Cleaning Frost Off your Car Windows


winter frost scraping

Learn some ways to easily rid your car windows of frost!

When you’re running late for work in the morning, there’s nothing worse than going out to your car and seeing the windows frosted over. The upcoming winter freeze means it’s going to happen much more frequently going forward. On the one hand, driving with ice on the windshield is unsafe. On the other hand, scraping your windows can take time and could potentially damage them if you’re not careful. You could start your car and wait forever for the defrosters to kick in, but you’re not saving any time (or your engine) by doing this. Here are some easy ways to clean the frost off of your windows quickly so you can get going with your commute.

Use Lukewarm Water

Using warm water on your windows will melt frost off of your windows quickly with minimal effort. Take care not to use very hot water – the rapid temperature change can cause the glass to crack. Take a bucket and fill with lukewarm water as needed (more water if you’re cleaning all of your windows, less if you’re just treating your front windshield). Pour the water onto the windows. You should notice the ice turning translucent or disappear completely. Then wipe or scrape clean.

Use a Deicer

Specially made formulas of deicing fluid is available at your local auto shop and are handy for those who live in very cold areas. However, you can save some money by making your own. Simply pour rubbing alcohol into a clean, dry spray bottle and add a couple of drops of dish soap. Screw on the lid and mix well. Spray the deicer onto the icy parts of the window and allow to soak for a minute or two. Then use a plastic scraper to remove the ice.

Prevent Frost in the First Place

You can also take preventive measures to stop frost from forming on your windshield. Cover your window with a towel, folded sheet, or piece of cardboard before the dew or frost forms on the glass. Arrange the cover to fit tightly on the window so that the frost doesn’t form in any loose places. You can utilize your windshield wipers to hold the cover in place. In the morning, remove the covers from the window and scrape any spots that may have frost formed on them.

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