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Tips for Airbag Safety

Airbags are hidden from view for most of their existence, and if you’re lucky you’ll never see your vehicle’s airbag, at least not for its intended purpose. However, it’s important to inspect your airbag on occasion depending on the kind of vehicle you own. The following tips will help you keep your airbags prepared in the event that they do need to be deployed.

Tips for Airbag Safety

Check the SRS Light

The SRS light is a light on your dash that alerts you when there is a problem with your airbag. The icon is a small airbag so you can’t miss it. If the light comes on, take the car to the dealership at the earliest chance you get. Airbags are covered under new car limited warranties but not the lifetime warranty. Remember to check this light when looking at a used car as well.

Stick with the Manufacturer

Many people try to avoid the dealership as a result of the markups they often charge, but if your SRS light goes on and you need a new airbag, the only safe bet is to get one from the dealer. Any aftermarket airbags you find could have been taken from a scrapped vehicle, or may be counterfeits from China. Unless you have complete trust in your collision repair shop, the manufacturer is the best choice in this situation.

If Your Car is More than 20 Years Old

If your vehicle is more than 20 years old, read the owners manual. It may call for an annual inspection or replacement. Regardless, it’s a good idea to inspect the airbag in an older vehicle occasionally. This is because they may have used plastic-to-metal sealing to protect the airbag from moisture, which is not as effective as the glass-to-metal sealing which is used in modern vehicles.

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