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Tips for Driving Safely in Bad Weather

Tips for Driving Safely in Bad Weather

Driving safely in bad weather involves taking the proper precautions.

You should always use caution when you’re out on the road. This becomes especially important when there is extreme weather involved. Heavy winds and rain can cause major problems. It’s good to be prepared, especially with summer storm season being so close.

Heavy Rain

When heavy rain comes, it causes slick roads and low visibility. Hydroplaning is a major risk factor in heavy rain. Hydroplaning happens when a vehicle is travelling too quickly on wet roads and tries to slow down or stop and tires slide on the water instead of gripping the road. When this occurs, it becomes difficult to steer or brake and can potentially cause a loss of control of your vehicle. To avoid hydroplaning and sliding on the road surface, consider the following tips next time you drive in the rain:

  • Take Your Time– Slowing down is a great way to keep your vehicle safe from hydroplaning. Remember that the roads are slickest right after it starts to rain so if possible, wait a little while to leave.
  • Give Vehicles More Space– If you are following too close to a car you can generally tell. In heavy rain, it is advisable to give vehicles an extra 1-2 seconds of following time. This way if there are any quick stops you will have more time to stop yourself.
  • Turn Your Lights On– Turning on your headlights makes your vehicle more visible to others. If your windshield wipers are on, it is imperative that your headlights are on as well. The dimness of the weather can seriously affect other’s ability to see you.

Heavy Wind

Wind may not be at the top of your list as a weather hazard, but it can be a very dangerous condition to drive in. Strong wind can occur anywhere and can be a big concern in mountainous areas. Compensate for the wind by trying these tips:

  • Take Note of Large Vehicles- Larger vehicles on the road, like tractor trailers, are more susceptible to high winds and may have difficulty staying in control. Be especially cautious of them not staying in their lane.
  • Two Hands on the Wheel- When there are particularly high winds, controlling your vehicle can be difficult. Keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel can help you gain better control of your car.
  • Anticipate Gusts- When driving through areas prone to stronger winds, check out local weather reports so you will be better prepared for windy weather conditions.

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