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Tips for Driving Your Mercedes Safely This Winter

Tips for Driving Your Mercedes Safely This Winter

Winter driving can be tricky. Follow these tips!

If your Mercedes is one of your favorite toys, remember to follow these guidelines for safe winter driving. Everything takes longer on slippery streets, especially starting and stopping. If you can’t stay home in inclement weather, be a much more vigilant driver for the safety of yourself and others.

Driving in the Snow

Snow is a possibility that most people can’t escape in the winter. It sometimes renders us immobile, but many situations call or us to drive in the elements. On snow-covered streets, be sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly to avoid slipping. Remember to increase your following distance to accommodate the increase in time that it takes to decelerate and stop. Inertia is an important concept for driving up hills in snowy conditions. Inertia requires a slow and steady increase of speed rather than attempting to power up a hill, which will just cause your wheels to uncontrollably spin.

Long-distance Driving

Family vacations and business trips don’t stop in the winter. Therefore, there are plenty occasions when you’ll probably have to make a long-distance drive, even if driving conditions aren’t ideal. In this situation, always watch weather reports and have a passenger (if you have one) keep up with any changes along the way. Keep a winter emergency kit in your car, which includes a blanket, food, water, and any medication that you’re taking. Remember that your car is your shelter. In emergency situations it is safer to stay with your vehicle versus venturing out and trying to endure the harsh weather. Don’t allow your tank to get below half and ensure that the exhaust pipe is clear of any obstructions, like snow.

General Winter Tips

Let’s round out this list of winter driving tips with some general guidelines you should remember over the next few months. Make sure that you are completely well rested before you get behind the wheel. Driving while fatigued is dangerous to yourself and other motorists. Before you get moving, do a visual inspection of the exterior of your car, to ensure that the tires are properly inflated and that all your lights are working properly. It’s important to keep your gas tank at half throughout the season so that your line won’t freeze up and as always, wear your seatbelt at all times.

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