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Tips from Baltimore Auto Pros: Electrical Issues to Look For in New Cars

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There are some especially prominent electrical problems among newer models that Baltimore auto experts have seen in recent years.

Even in a new car, electrical issues can come up and make your daily commute a daily headache. There are some especially prominent electrical problems among newer models that Baltimore auto experts have seen in recent years. If you want to make sure your new car’s electrical systems are working properly and will be for years to come, look for these common electrical issues.

Bad Battery

A bad battery is the most obvious sign of electrical issues, and it should be the first place you start when conducting your investigation. The test to see the status of your battery is easy enough. Just turn on your headlights, and if they seem dimmer than they should be, this could be an indication that your battery is running low.

Alternator Problems

Poor electricity in your car could also be a sign of a problem with your alternator or alternator belt. Your alternator’s job is to keep your battery charged while the engine is running while also distributing power to other parts of the car like your stereo and air conditioning system. If you notice your car slowing down or that different parts of your car don’t seem work or the lights flicker, it could be your alternator that needs looking at; not the battery.

Stuck Starter

How can you drive if you can’t even start your car? You can’t! If you hear a little click instead of the sound of your engine starting up when turning your key in the ignition, this could very well be a sign of a damaged starter. This could cause more trouble than merely a dead battery because, since it’s not a battery issue, jumping will be no use. If a professional auto service determines that it’s a problem with your starter, they can guide you toward what the best choice is moving forward.

Lousy Wires and Fuses

You’ve checked everywhere else, so you’re next stop is the fuse box. If you’re unsure of what a fuse box is or where it is located in your vehicle, your local auto professional can easily show you where the fuse box is and check the wires and fuses for damage.

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