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Time to Warm Up Your Car’s Heating System

heating system

Your heating system should be checked now as the weather gets cooler to make sure it is in top shape for the upcoming winter.

As the weather cools and summer turns to fall, you may find that you’re giving your car’s air conditioning system a break. Indeed, there are some prime days for driving with the windows down still left – but soon the comfortable air of late summer will turn into the slightly chilly air of late fall. And before you know it, your car’s heating system will be pressed into service to keep you warm during the winter. Make sure, when you’re preparing your car for the fall, to check out the heating system and give it the warm up it needs so you aren’t left in the cold.

The Heating Core is the Core of the System

The heating core is the piece that makes the whole heating system of a modern car work. It functions in the same way as an old-fashioned radiator by diverting heated radiator fluid through it. The core disperses the heat into the cabin by passing it in front of a fan. If you’re having problems with your heat, any one of these pieces could be the problem – the fans that blow the air in, the hoses holding the heated radiator fluid, or the heating core itself. Your friendly mechanic can diagnose this problem.

Heat and A/C are Part of One System

Your heating and air conditioning use many of the same components of your car. So if you’ve noticed trouble with your cooling system this summer, it’s possible you’ll have problems with the heating this fall and winter. Your car also has a thermostat which allows you to control the temperature of the air flow in your car by regulating the coolant mixture passing in front of the fan. Over time, that thermostat can become stuck in place or fail completely.

Your Exhaust System Can Also Affect Your Heating System

The exhaust system and ducts are the last places to check for any problems with your heating system. Again, if you’ve noticed that your cooling system wasn’t as effective as it should have been this summer, it could mean that the exhaust system needs to be replaced. Clogged vents could also be a problem, but is a relatively simple fix. A clogged exhaust system, on the other hand, is much more serious and could cause your car to overheat and do more serious damage down the line.

Ready to Get Your Car’s Heating System Warmed Up for Fall?

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