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Time to Get Your Wheel Alignment and Your Tires Rotated!

When was the last time you went to your local mechanic and asked them to check your tires? Many folks remember to do this before winter sets in because they choose to get winter tires installed, but they then forget to follow up months later. Well, your car has likely seen a whole lot of wear and tear since the last visit. Potholes can wreak havoc on your alignment and poor road conditions can quickly yet unevenly wear down your tires. Luckily the solution is simple and your Baltimore mechanic will be able to get your wheels and tires in tip-top shape within the course of an afternoon. Learn more, below.

wheel alignment

It’s probably time for a wheel alignment and a tire rotation.

Wheel alignment

When you get your wheels aligned, your Baltimore mechanic will carefully ensure that your wheels are true and will drive straight. Over time, your wheels become misaligned due to a variety of factors, including potholes, gravel, poor road conditions, and more. When your wheels are out of alignment, it will make your tires wear unevenly and make it more difficult to steer as your car will constantly try to drift to one side. In addition, it can also make your car much less efficient and greatly reduce your gas mileage. Luckily it’s a quick and simple fix for the experts at Auto Stop!

Tire rotation

It is very common for tires to wear out unevenly. Whether this is due to misaligned wheels or a variety of other factors, the result is the same: One or two tires that are still in good condition while the other are in dire need of replacing. Front tires tend to wear out more quickly because there’s more weight at the front of your car, so you should aim to have your tires rotated once every season.

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