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Is It Time For New Windshield Wipers? 3 Signs to Look For This Spring

windshield wipers

If you’ve noticed your windshield wipers have been ineffective lately, now is the time to replace them.

The East Coast has been through a whirlwind of storms recently. With ten straight days of rain, Maryland drivers need their cars’ windshield wipers to be working properly. Spring isn’t over yet, and summer is full of thunderstorms that seemingly come out of nowhere. The last thing you want is to be caught in a deluge with windshield wipers that don’t work. Old windshield wipers can turn a mildly dangerous situation into a fatal one. Don’t get caught in a storm with bad wipers. If you’ve noticed your windshield wipers have been ineffective lately, now is the time to replace them.

Ineffective Rubber

Take some time to thoroughly check out each of your windshield wiper blades. What you should be looking for is smooth, seamless rubber that glides along each wiper. If what you are seeing is cracked, dry rubber that is splitting, then it is time to have your wiper blades replaced. If you are seeing that bits of the rubber appear to be missing, have the blades replaced as soon as you can.


When driving in the rain, you can easily notice when your wipers are creating streaks of rainwater across your windshield. This can cause difficulty seeing through your windshield which may, unfortunately, result in an accident. Being able to see as clearly as possible is imperative to safe driving, especially in hazardous, rainy conditions. This could just mean that your blades are dirty and need to be wiped down with a paper towel or rag. With all the pollen we’ve seen this spring, it is not unlikely that this is the issue. If you wipe them down but see there is still streaking, it’s time to have the blades replaced.

Noisy Wipes

Not only is the chattering sound windshield wipers can make extremely irritating, but it means your blades aren’t working properly as well. The uneven scraping against your windshield indicates that your blade isn’t making contact with the glass. The inconsistency will make it difficult to see out of your windshield, causing hazardous driving conditions. New blades will ensure that your wipers are making proper contact with your windshield, allowing you to see clearly.

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