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The Top 6 Signs of Transmission Trouble With Your Nissan Altima


To avoid any severe damage from happening to you and your car, take your Altima into a trusted auto expert as soon as possible.

Some Nissan Altima owners are experiencing transmission trouble, even with newer models. If you own a Nissan Altima and have experienced any of these common symptoms of a problematic transmission, you should be concerned. To avoid any severe damage from happening to you and your car, take your Altima into a trusted auto expert as soon as possible.

Loud Transmission

Over time, the gears in your transmission begin to wear down. This process may cause some loud noises to erupt from under the hood. While this is normal for an older car, you should still take your car to a local shop to see what might need to be fixed. In a newer model, any noise coming from the transmission is a sign of a much larger problem, and your car dealer and the manufacturer should be notified immediately.

Fluid Issues

Transmission fluid should also be bright red to an amber or medium brown color. Check your transmission fluid to see if it looks okay. If the fluid is muddy or milky looking in any way, take your car to a shop right away so that it can be changed.

What’s That Smell?

Is there a burning smell coming from your car? This could be a sign that your transmission is overheating. If this isn’t taken care of immediately, it could lead to a car fire, costing you your car and, potentially, even your life.

Potential Leakage

The burning smell you’re experiencing could also indicate a leak. It may be oil or transmission fluid, but whatever it is that’s leaking, your car needs it and isn’t getting enough. If you’re not sure what to look for under the hood, a local auto expert can point you in the right direction.

Gears Slippage

Slipping gears create a serious and potentially dangerous problem. If you’ve noticed that your car has been slipping gears, the worst thing that could happen is that your car slips out of gear altogether.

Delayed Shifts

After shifting gears, you may notice that your car stalls a little bit. This could indicate an issue with a variety of things with your car, one of which could be the transmission fluid.

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