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The Top 3 Common Car Problems That Even You Can Fix

car problems

These three common car problems can be fixed by anyone, no matter how inexperienced with car repair they may be.

To the common person, even the smallest car issue can seem impossible to resolve. Without very much auto repair experience, it’s easy to feel intimidated by even the slightest inconvenience and assume that you can’t fix it. Well, yes, some problems are definitely best left to Baltimore auto experts, but some problems, you can easily fix yourself. These three common car problems can be fixed by anyone, no matter how inexperienced with car repair they may be.

The Problem: Burned Out Bulbs

The Solution: Most of the lights in your car can be easily replaced once a bulb burns out. For license plate, side markers, and fog light bulbs, all you need to do is undo the screws and pull off the lenses. Figuring out which type of bulbs may take some research, but don’t be afraid to ask a friendly, local auto mechanic for a few pointers when starting out. For headlights, which is much more difficult undertaking, going to your local shop is best. These lights are more difficult to install and are very important to the daily operation of your vehicle.

The Problem: Chipped Auto Paint

The Solution: It happens to everyone. You leave your car anywhere, and the next time you pull your door open, you notice a slight ding in your door or a scrape on the hood. If your car is not kept in a personal garage, there’s no way of knowing what will happen to your car while you’re not in it. Paint chips are just something all car owners have to deal with. To touch up a scrape or chip, buy paint from an auto store that matches the color of your car. Clean the chip with wax and grease remover, and allow it to dry completely. Add a small dab of paint using the applicator. Don’t use too much paint, or it will drip.

The Problem: Dirty Cabin Air Filter

The Solution: Cabin air filters are easy to access and replace. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself a good amount of money by doing it yourself. First, you’ll need to locate your cabin air filter. Its location depends on the make and model of your car. Remove the cover and slide the old filter out and replace it with the new, clean filter. Reinstall the covers, and you’re finished!

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