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The Importance of Wheel Alignment Service

The Importance of Wheel Alignment Service

If you’re unaware of just how important wheel alignment service can be, Auto Stop Limited has all the details.

For your vehicle to function as it should, the wheels must be in a straight line when you orient the steering wheel straight. A shorter way of describing this is your wheel alignment. If your wheels aren’t aligned properly, you may have noticeable drops in performance and even longevity. Many people are often surprised to find that their wheels were knocked out of alignment and don’t realize the damage that could be done. If you’re unaware of just how important wheel alignment is, Auto Stop Limited has all the details.

What Is Wheel Alignment Service?

You may not realize it from the name, but wheel alignment is more about your car’s suspension. Think about it this way: the wheels are mounted to the suspension system, which is what allows them to move up and down, resulting in a smoother ride. If these components shift, that can cause the wheels to no longer be in a straight line with one another, ultimately impacting both performance, comfort, and longevity. Wheel alignment service corrects the position of these components.

What Causes Poor Alignment?

There are all sorts of causes for this, including sudden jarring or impacts that can move components out of place, like hitting a curb, pothole, or another vehicle. While those bigger, more aggressive bumps along the road can certainly cause these issues, regular wear and tear can cause this to happen, too. Eventually, parts like suspension springs and shocks can wear out, causing a shift in wheel alignment over time. Regular maintenance can prevent this, but it’s not uncommon, either.

What Issues Happen?

Bad wheel alignment can cause big issues for your vehicle. Your handling will take an immediate, apparent hit, which makes it difficult to turn your wheels in either direction. You may suddenly experience difficulties driving in a straight line. Misalignment can also cause your tires to slowly wear away, requiring you to replace your tires more regularly.

What to Look For

If you suspect your alignment is off, look for these signs. If you rotate your tires and see wear patterns on the tire tread, especially when one wheel shows it far more than the others, that’s a sign that something is out of sync. If your car drifts when driving or has trouble moving in a straight line, that’s another good indicator. Pay attention to how everything feels when you turn also.

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