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The History of Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are actually passing an important milestone in their history right now, their 100th birthday! While there’s no specific date, the auto repair shop as we know it started to show up about a century ago, give or take a few years. With that in mind, here’s a little info on the history of auto repair shops from your Baltimore auto repair shop.

Early Cars

The first automobiles were only accessible to the wealthy, who would hire chauffeurs that doubled as auto mechanics. Because these cars were very temperamental, the chauffeurs would use their skills as mechanics pretty frequently.

T-Model Ford

Once the T-Model Ford came along in the early 20th century, the automobile became accessible to the masses, and people responded. Ford sold half a million vehicles in 1915, and many more came on the market after a surplus following the end of World War I. Because these cars were mass produced, they were more easy to find parts for and thus more easy to fix. Many car owners took it upon themselves to fix their cars, but some auto repair shops started to open in blacksmiths and machinists shops and liveries.

Boom and Bust

As demand for vehicles grew in the roaring 1920’s, trade schools began to pop up to educate car mechanics. Independent auto repair shops as well as dealership auto repair shops became commonplace, serving the needs of an increasingly mobile population. However, with the Great Depression came a sharp drop and demand. Attempts to unionize were marginally successful, but shop owners generally passed on losses to mechanics by eliminating a guaranteed daily wage and splitting labor charges.


During the 1950s, the rise of the middle class prompted new demand for cars, and for auto repair shops. As technological improvements were made, mechanics needed to be more and skilled. Even in the last quarter century, the auto industry has seen huge technological advancements with the introduction of computer technology, which today’s tech has to stay on top of in order to be able to service all vehicles.


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