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The Different Kind of Brake Noises and What they Mean

When most people think of brake noises, they just think of one: SQUEAKK. A squeaking or squealing sound is definitely the traditional bad brake sound, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear that brakes actually make some distinct sounds, that mean different things based on when they occur. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the different kind of noises brakes make, and what they mean.

The No Brake Squeak

This one can be confusing, because it happens when you’re not braking as opposed to when you are braking. You’re not going crazy, some brakes are actually meant to do that. Some brake manufacturers design their brakes to start squeaking (when you’re not braking) once they’ve worn down to a certain point. This noise happens before any real damage can be done, so once you hear it, you know it’s time to get your brakes fixed. Don’t wait too long however, or you risk damaging the brake rotors, which is a costly repair.

The Grind

Hearing grinding sound when you brake is a sign that you need to get new brakes immediately. What’s happening is your brake pads have worn through, so you’re getting a metal on metal grinding sound, which will quickly eat up the rotor. Take your car in for new brakes at the first chance you get.

Squealing as you Stop

A squealing sound that happens when you stop could mean a number of different things. Contact points in the brake mechanism may need to be lubricated, and other hardware may need to be adjusted to improve their performance. These can easily be tuned by a mechanic, which will eliminate that annoying squeak.

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