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Tailpipe Smoke: Is it bad? FAQs answered by a Baltimore Auto Mechanic

Is that smoke coming from your tailpipe? Oh no! What does it mean? Is your car okay? Should you immediately make a U-turn and head to the nearest Baltimore auto repair shop? Well, maybe…

It all depends on what color that smoke is.

Deciphering Tailpipe Smoke

  1. White Smoke coming from the Tailpipe: When white smoke can be seen coming from your tailpipe, you should address the issue immediately. White smoke is often caused when antifreeze finds its way into your engine oil. This typically happens when the vehicle overheats, causing gaskets to fail. This allows antifreeze to leak into the cylinder. And serious engine damage could quickly follow.
  2. Blue Smoke coming from the Tailpipe: When a seal, gasket, or O-ring fails, oil may find its way into the cylinder. When this happens, you may notice a large blue cloud behind your car or truck. This issue should be addressed quickly as it could permanently damage the spark plugs.
  3. Black Smoke coming from the Tailpipe: Believe it or not, black smoke is actually the least of your worries. This is simply a sign that your vehicle is letting excess fuel into the cylinder. As always, consult your auto mechanic, but don’t panic.

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