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Strange Brake Noises: A Guide from Your Baltimore Mechanic

Noisy brakes are always a cause for concern. Keeping your brakes in great condition is crucial for your safety so it is always smart to get your car checked out by your Baltimore mechanic as soon as you think something is wrong. Different sounds indicate different types of problems: here’s a rundown of some of the most common reasons behind brake noises.


Strange brake noises can be a sign of serious trouble.

Strange Brake Noises: A Guide from Your Baltimore Mechanic



Squealing brakes are by far the most common noise that car owners have to deal with. This brake noise can have a variety of causes. It could be something as simple as debris gathering on the pad but often it is often more serious so it is important to get it checked out by a trustworthy Baltimore mechanic. One of the most common causes is dust in the drums. As your brake shoes wear out, dust can settle in the drum which causes the squealing sound. This is easily fixed by hosing out the inside of your tires or simply going through a car wash. Another possibility it could be is an issue with your brake pad lining. Heavy duty lining, such as is used on trucks and other large vehicles, doesn’t easily wear down which causes squeaking. A low-quality lining could also be to blame: this material sometimes cannot withstand the heat caused by frequent braking so a glaze is formed which creates the squeaking sound.


A scraping sound is usually caused by one of two issues: either there is a foreign object that has come between the brake and the rotor or the wear indicator is rubbing against the brake rotor. In either case it’s wise to take it to a trusted mechanic as soon as you begin to hear this noise.


If your brakes start making a grinding sound it is important to have them checked out as quickly as possible. A grinding sound is by far the most serious brake noise of all as it often is a sign that the friction material has worn away completely and that the metal backing plate is doing all the work to stop your car. This can cause damage to your brake rotor and calliper so in order to prevent serious accidents and further damage to your car it’s important to get taken care of quickly. Do you have other noisy car problems? Check out our blog to find out what could be the cause.

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