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Starting Your Car in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Car Starting

When the cold weather descends, it can become more difficult to get your car started. Learn why here.

When the temperature plunges in the winter, car owners may understandably be a little nervous when they go out to start their cars in the morning. Cold winter mornings are one of the worst times to have problems starting your car especially when you have a long commute ahead of you. Unfortunately, those mornings are the times when your vehicle is most likely to suffer problems starting. Here are some reasons why starting your car in cold weather can be difficult and some tips to help you get it going smoothly.

Cold Weather Presents a Host of Problems

It’s helpful to understand why exactly cold weather presents starting issues to your vehicle. There are three main problems that affect most modern cars today:

  • Battery Issues: The nature of chemical batteries in vehicles makes them less efficient in cold weather. All chemical batteries produce less current in the cold, and in some cases, it is a lot less current.
  • Oil Issues: Engine oil does not flow as smoothly in cold weather either, so it takes more effort to move the engine parts. This means your weakened battery has to shoulder more of the load to get your engine moving so it will start.
  • Fuel Issues: Fuel lines are very thin and easily blocked by ice. While there definitely shouldn’t be any water in your fuel lines, occasionally it will happen, and this can cause problems for your vehicle.

Preventing Cold Weather Starting Issues

There are a few steps you can take to prevent starting issues in your car when bone-chilling cold affects the region. The best way to prevent problems is to keep your car, particularly the battery and the engine, warm. Parking your vehicle in a garage, even an unheated one, or under a carport or large tree is an effective way to keep it warm. A battery or block heater can also be installed to keep your battery or engine warm overnight. These are particularly common in much colder climates and are becoming optional for most new cars today. Check to make sure your vehicle is using the right oil for cold conditions. And when you go out to start your car before the commute, turn off all of the electrical accessories before turning the key. That way, your battery can give all of its power, so to speak, towards the process of turning the engine over.

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