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Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Car Ready for Warmer Weather?

Spring is coming which means your car needs some new maintenance to get it in tip-top shape. Winter is notoriously difficult on your car and requires specific investments like winter tires and special fluids. Now that the mercury is starting to rise, it’s a good time to think about investing in some routine maintenance. Learn what you should do to get your car ready for spring in today’s blog, below.

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Is your car ready for spring?

Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Car Ready for Warmer Weather?

Take care of scheduled maintenance

Your car is probably low on fluids since winter is hard on these systems. Now is a great time to take your car into your Baltimore auto shop for scheduled maintenance, such as a fluid system flush, oil change, and new water pumps. By keeping your fluid levels topped off, you can extend the life of your car and save money on long-term maintenance.

Get new wiper blades

Winter is hard on wiper blades too, since snow, ice, and salt can quickly wear them down. Effective wiper blades are important for clear vision while you’re driving, so now’s the time to replace your wiper blades.

Make sure your cooling system will work

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a warm-weather road trip than realizing your AC is not going to work. One of the biggest culprits of a broken AC system is a blown coolant hose. Luckily, with routine maintenance this problem can be avoided. You should also think about having your coolant system flushed to ensure it’s ready for the heat it will endure.

Get your wheels aligned

Potholes are a huge problem after winter storms because plows cause serious road damage when they are trying to clear the roads. All of these potholes can wreak havoc on your car and leave your alignment off-kilter. A wheel alignment will make sure your car is ready to tackle your summer road trips safely!

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