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Spring Car Maintenance Tips For Your Baltimore Car

Spring Car Maintenance

Use these tips to maintain your car this spring.

After the harsh weather conditions of winter take a toll on your car, spring provides the perfect time for you to do some much-needed maintenance on your car. During the cold months, certain parts of your vehicle may have been overly stressed and in need of repair. Spring is the season of renewal and that fact extends to your car! Here are some maintenance tips you can use to keep your vehicle in good condition this spring.

Wash Your Car

Getting your car washed often is a good way to keep it looking good and to protect it from dirt and debris. While many people may believe that having a dirty car is just an aesthetic issue, dirt actually can be damaging to your car as well. Having a dirty car can damage your car’s paint. Also, your car’s undercarriage is likely covered in debris and salt from the winter. Getting your car washed regularly will help you keep it clean and last longer.

Get Your Oil & Fluids Checked

Professionals suggest that you should get your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, so it’s important to make sure that you follow this suggestion. Getting your oil changed regularly provides a lot of benefits, such as cooling your engine, improving your gas mileage, and lubricating your engine. Make sure to get your other fluids checked as well. After a long winter, your fluids are likely depleted so it’s a good idea to check them and replace them as necessary.

Get An Alignment Check

After a long winter of driving over icy and uneven terrain, it’s vital to see if your car’s suspension is still in good shape and is aligned properly. Your car’s suspension maximizes the friction between your car’s tires and the street, making it more stable. If it’s not aligned properly, it’s significantly less effective at doing its job.

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