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Spring Auto Air Conditioning System Tips from Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop

Air Conditioning System

Is your air conditioning system ready for the warmer weather? Your Baltimore auto repair shop explains what to check out this spring.

Spring will soon lead to warm summer days! If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not up to the task, however, it can make your commute miserable. Spring is the ideal time to check your air conditioning system to make sure it is functioning properly before the hot days inevitably start. If you are noticing any problems, take it to your local auto repair shop to have it checked out and repaired. When inspecting your air conditioning system this spring, here are some things to check.

Temperature Test

The first thing you should do when testing out your vehicle’s air conditioning system is set the temperature gauge to the coldest setting and turn the fans on to full blast. Use a thermometer to check the output against the ambient temperature of the cabin. Usually, air conditioners are designed to lower the external temperature by at least 20 degrees.

Check the Flow from the Vents

If there seems to be no air flow from the vents during testing, check each vent individually for problems. One failed blower may be a blown fuse or a vent blockage, which are simple fixes, but it may also indicate a more serious problem. If none of the vents are working, there may be a more full-scale blower malfunction that needs to be taken care of by a professional auto repair shop.

Checking the Controls

Next, check the variable controls on your air conditioning system. Go through each change on the blower speed knob and the temperature knob individually and note how each setting changes the air output. Next, check the settings control to make sure airflow is redirected to the different vents as directed. If the air conditioning seems to work as a whole, but the settings don’t change when you turn the knobs, the controls may need to be repaired or replaced.


Visually inspect your vehicle’s hoses for signs of leaks and cracks. Since the air conditioning system is pressurized, any leaks and cracks will require repair immediately to prevent further, more serious damage.

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