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Speed Camera Reform Legislation Gets Green Light in Maryland

After years of complaints over faulty and predatory speed cameras both in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, it looks like speed camera reform is finally on its way. “The Maryland General Assembly approved legislation Thursday that will provide new protections for motorists from erroneous tickets and other speed camera abuses, send the bill to the governor for his expected signature,” reported the Baltimore Sun.


The new bill overhauls several key rules concerning speed and red light cameras throughout the state. One of the most significant changes is the banning of the bounty system, where camera contractors would get a portion of the fine for every ticket issued, which opponents argued gave the companies incentive to rig the machines to issue more tickets. Another issue that the new bill aims to correct is with faulty cameras giving out tickets when no moving violation was committed. Now, every jurisdiction that uses speed and red light cameras will use an ombudsman who reviews the ticket before the trial and voids it if it was issued incorrectly. Drivers will also be informed of the installation of new cameras in their area with signs and a 15 day grace period after the cameras’ installation where no tickets will be issued.


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