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Solve These Severe Car Issues With Transmission Replacement

Solve These Severe Car Issues With Transmission Replacement

Read on to learn about some severe car trouble that can be fixed with a transmission replacement.

The transmission is a vital, if relatively unknown, part of your car. It takes power produced by the engine and transfers it to the wheels of the vehicle. Without the transmission, your vehicle couldn’t go anywhere. When your transmission starts to have problems, it can translate into major issues for your car. Read on for some severe car trouble that can be fixed with a transmission replacement. 

Fluid Leak

There are several places that your car could leak fluid, but if the puddles you’re finding in your driveway are reddish, that’s transmission fluid. Sometimes this is very easily fixed by replacing the pan gasket. If you notice leaking transmission fluid, that might be the first fix your mechanic tries. However, if changing out the pan gasket doesn’t fix the issue, a transmission replacement might be in order. Persistent leaking could be caused by warped parts or external damage to the transmission. If you let it go too long, the low fluid level could cause serious harm to the interior of the transmission.

Burning Fluid

If your fluid levels are low without any apparent signs of a leak, the issue may be that you’re burning your fluid. When you check your fluid levels, the liquid may be black instead of red. You might also notice the smell of burning when you’re shifting. Burning up your transmission fluid is a problem because it will cause your transmission to overheat. A transmission replacement is a sure-fire way to solve this problem.

Shifting Issues

If you have other issues while shifting, such as your car won’t go into gear or it sporadically shifts out of gear, you may need a transmission replacement as well. Even if it is not the only way to fix what is wrong, replacing the transmission could be simpler and faster than tracking down the issue that is causing your shifting woes. If you need to get back on the road as soon as possible, a transmission replacement could be the way to go.

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