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Smoke Signals: What Color is Your Car’s Exhaust?

If you can clearly see your car’s exhaust, it’s a good sign that there’s something happening that’s not supposed to be happening. In addition it probably means you’ll fail emissions, which is why you should get a professional Baltimore mechanic to check out your vehicle if your exhaust is anything but invisible. Here are some colors your car’s exhaust could potentially be, and what they mean.


Gray or Blue Exhaust

This smoke is visible when you start your car. It might decrease in intensity as the car warms up, or it may stay the same. It could be the result of worn piston rings, valve seals, or valve guides in the engine, all of which need to be fixed by a mechanic. If your car’s exhaust is blue or gray, you may also notice that it uses more oil than normal, and that the engine seems to have less power. This is because the engine is burning the oil, the product of which is visible in the form of gray or blue exhaust.

White Exhaust

This is a common sight if its very cold out, so it may not be indicative of a problem. If the white exhaust doesn’t disappear, then this means something is wrong. This could be the fault of a bad cylinder head basket or a cracked engine block. It could also be that transmission fluid is entering the intake manifold from the vacuum modulator.

Black Exhaust

Black exhaust looks bad, smells bad, and is bad. You could have leaking fuel injectors or a dirty air filter. If your car has a carburetor, the choke might be stuck in the closed position. Black smoke could also mean one of many other ignition problems, so get to your Baltimore mechanic as soon as possible for a diagnosis.


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