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Is the Smell Coming From My Car Air Conditioning System Normal?

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When using your car air conditioning for the first time this year, you may smell some weird odors. Here’s what they could indicate.

Now that it’s finally starting to warm up outside, you want to cool down the inside temperature in your car. While you’re on the road, you want to remain cool and comfortable, especially on the hottest summer days. With the weather warming up, you may start turning on the air conditioning in your car after months of using only the heat. When starting your car air conditioning up for the first time this year, you may smell some weird odors. Some smells are normal, but some may indicate a serious problem that should be looked at by a professional Baltimore auto expert as soon as possible.

Mold and Mildew

It is normal for some mold and mildew to have accumulated in your car’s air conditioning system over the cold winter months. These smells are what we’re used to when turning on the air conditioner for the first time in a while. Some bacteria may have grown in your air vents over time, causing an odd smell. A trusted, local auto expert can take care of this problem quickly and easily, letting you drive through the warm spring air without any stench.

Gas Leak

The smell of gasoline is distinct. If you’re smelling gas every time you turn on your car air conditioning system, you could have a gas leak on your hands. A mechanic in your area can help repair any issues from a gas leak, taking care of the leak and the smell in one small fix.

Air Filters

Your car air filters collect a lot of different things. From dirt to dust, a lot of gross stuff gets trapped into the filter. The cumulation of these materials could also be the culprit for the bad smell coming from your air conditioning system. You can replace your old air filter with a new one easily, taking care of any odors and bacteria coming from the filter.

Car Air Conditioning Repair from Baltimore Auto Experts

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