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Signs Your Vehicle Needs Clutch Replacement in Baltimore

If you own a vehicle with a manual transmission, it’s pretty much a guarantee that it will need clutch replacement. The amount of time a clutch will last varies widely depending on usage. A hard-run clutch might not even make it to 50,000 miles, but one that’s cared for can easily make it 100,000+. The climate is also a factor in how long a clutch lasts. Learn about the signs your vehicle needs a clutch replacement in Baltimore in this week’s blog.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Clutch Replacement in Baltimore


The Tachometer is Acting Up

The Tachometer is the gauge on your dashboard that measures the RPM of your engine. If you notice that the needle is moving up and down in a weird way when you engage the clutch to shift gears, this is definitely a sign that something isn’t right.

The Engine Sounds Off

You might also notice that when you engage the clutch to shift gears either up or down that the engine is revving in a way that is not normal. You should be familiar with the way your engine normally sounds when you clutch up or down, so any strange sounds will be apparent.

There’s a Smell of Burning Rubber

This isn’t from the guy in front of you peeling wheels. When the clutch begins to wear out, you’ll smell a foul smell of burning rubber. This is from the flywheel of the clutch making improper contact with the friction material. You might notice this when you get out of your car after driving, or in the passenger compartment.

The Stick Shift is Acting Up

Again, most of the ways you can tell your vehicle needs clutch replacement in Baltimore is when the vehicle is acting differently than it normally does. If the stick shift doesn’t feel like it usually does, it could be that the clutch is going.

Things to Remember to Keep Your Clutch in Good Shape

Your clutch relies on transmission fluid to keep it in good shape. If the transmission fluid is old, or if there’s a leak that reduces the amount of fluid in the system, the clutch will suffer. Keep the transmission fluid fresh by bringing your car in to your local Baltimore auto repair shop.

The best way to keep your clutch in good shape is simply not to work it too hard. Don’t drive your car like a racecar, and the clutch will last longer. Riding the clutch is another thing not to do, as this can take years off its life. Finally, one good thing to get in the habit of is releasing the clutch at stoplights and letting it rest for bit in neutral. This gives the clutch a quick break. If you do need clutch replacement in Baltimore, bring your car to Auto Stop, your local Baltimore auto repair shop!

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