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Signs You May Need Vehicle Exhaust Repair in Baltimore

How do you know your vehicle’s exhaust needs to be repaired? Most of it is located under and the vehicle and out of sight. However, you don’t necessarily need to look at your exhaust system to know that something isn’t right. In fact, most of the symptoms of a problem with the exhaust system aren’t visible to the eye, but you’ll notice them. Watch for these signs of exhaust problems.

Signs of Exhaust Problems


Lower Gas Mileage

Lower gas mileage could be a symptom of a bad exhaust system. When the exhaust system goes bad, the engine will need more gas to get the proper pressure in the combustion chamber, and so your gas mileage will go down.

Strange Sounds

Another sign of an exhaust problem are strange or loud sounds coming from the exhaust pipes or muffler. You could hear anything from a popping or hissing to a loud, throaty growl. This would be the result of a worn out baffling or hole in the pipe due to rusting.

Idling Problems

Is your car not idling smoothly at a stop light? It’s not necessarily because of the exhaust, but this is a possibility. The problem could be that the exhaust gasses aren’t venting as they should from the engine, which will cause a rough idling experience.

Dark Fumes

If you see dark fumes coming out of your tailpipe, something definitely isn’t right. It might be a problem with the exhaust system not removing enough particles from the exhaust. Or it could be that something isn’t burning correctly further up the line. Either way, dark, visible fumes are a problem that need to be addressed.

Bad Smells

If you smell exhaust fumes in the passenger compartment when you’re driving, this is definitely a bad sign. These fumes are toxic and can be fatal if too much is inhaled. Don’t remain in the vehicle if you believe there may be exhaust fumes inside.

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