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Signs that You Have a Failing Engine Mount

Car Engine Mount

The engine mount secures the engine to the chassis, and if it is disrepair it can cause trouble.

The engine mount is the component of your vehicle that secures the engine to the chassis. Made of rubber and metal, they are also responsible for dampening the vibration of the engine. Since engines generate a tremendous amount of vibration in regular operation, it can be very noticeable when there is a problem with an engine mount. Problems with the engine mount can usually be diagnosed by a driver by looking out for a few signs.

Impact Noises Coming Out from the Engine Bay

Worn, broken, or damaged engine mounts can cause clunks, bangs, and other impact sounds. This is a result of the weight of the engine shifting to the points of contact excessively and is one of the most common signs of a failing engine mount.

Excessive Vibration

In a properly functioning motor mount, the rubber serves as a component designed to dampen the vibrations in the engine. So if the rubber wears down or is broken, it reduces the ability of the mount to absorb these vibrations. This could cause the entire vehicle to vibrate, making the cabin uncomfortable for drivers and passengers.

Moving Engine

Another sign that you need a new engine mount is an engine that actually moves inside the engine bay. Mounts that are in good condition secure the engine firmly within the bay. However, if they are worn down or broken, the engine might move forward, backward, or side to side in the engine bay. This movement is especially noticeable when accelerating and may be accompanied by impact noises of some sort.

Noticing Any of These Signs?

Engine mounts are a critical piece of the infrastructure of a vehicle because of the amount of vibration that engine generates during regular operation. When they are broken or fail, they not only make the driving experience uncomfortable but also place added strain on other components of your engine and place them in danger of breaking as well. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a professional auto repair shop to have a look at your vehicle and fix the problem.

Need a New Engine Mount or Other Car Maintenance?

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