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Signs of a Transmission Problem


Think your manual transmission might be on the fritz? Here are some signs that you may be right:


Won’t Go Into Gear

If your transmission won’t go into gear, it may be a result of low transmission fluid, the wrong viscosity of the fluid, or a need to adjust the shift cables or clutch linkage.

Burning Smell

If you smell something burning, it might mean your transmission is overheating. This may be because your transmission fluid, which keeps the transmission lubricated and at a functional temperature, is low or dirty. A leak in the fluid can allow the transmission to overheat and burn the remaining fluid.

Noisy in Neutral

If the transmission is making strange bumping sounds while in neutral, it could mean, again, an issue with the transmission fluid. However, it could also be the result of more serious issues such as a worn reverse idler gear, worn bearings, or worn gear teeth.

Gears Slip

If your gears are slipping, something is definitely wrong with the transmission. This should be addressed as soon as possible, because a gear slip into neutral at the wrong time could lead to an accident when you can’t get any power to the wheels.

Dragging Clutch

How do you know when the clutch is dragging? You’ll hear a grinding sound whenever you attempt to shift gears. This is because the clutch has failed to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when you push in the pedal. This means the clutch is still spinning along with the engine, and leaves you unable to shift gears.



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